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Empowering Unique Learners

Join Miriam Maintainers

Miriam School and Learning Center’s Monthly Giving Program

A Miriam Maintainer is a superstar of our mission, consistently supporting our educational programs with monthly donations to the Annual Fund. These dedicated individuals are crucial to the ongoing development and success of Miriam’s services, shaping a brighter future for every student we serve.

For as little as $.80 per day, you can help empower unique learners in your community.

Benefits of Monthly Giving:

  • Efficient: Provides a consistent source of support and advocacy for our students
  • Convenient: Your monthly donation processes automatically through your chosen payment method
  • Flexible: You can change the amount of your gift any time
  • Impact: Satisfaction in knowing that 100% of your gift benefits unique learners 365 days a year

Become a Monthly Donor

Monthly Maintainers become advocates for our students when they pledge to make an annual unrestricted gift of $288 (LITERACY), $552 (SPEECH), $1248 (SELF-REGULATION), $3,216 (PATHWAY TO ACCESS), or $6,432 (EARLY INTERVENTION) in Miriam’s fiscal year from July 1 – June 30.

Your monthly  support will have a direct impact on the life of a student in your community:

  • The Gift of Literacy: A monthly gift of $24 ($288 annually) could provide 3 hours of systematic instruction for a child with a reading disability.
  • The Gift of Communication: A monthly gift of $46 ($552 annually) could provide a child with 5 hours of speech therapy; or a child with a speech evaluation.
  • The Gift of Self-Regulation: A monthly gift of $104 ($1248 annually) could provide 10 hours of occupational therapy for a child who is unable to regulate their body so they can focus on their instruction and be able to make friends.
  • The Gift of a Pathway to Access: A monthly gift of $268 ($3,216 annually) could provide 1 child with a comprehensive Autism Evaluation.
  • The Gift of Early Intervention: A monthly gift of $536 ($6,432 annually) could provide 2 children with a comprehensive Autism Evaluation providing the opportunity for early intervention; or a quarter of a year’s tuition for a child with learning differences

Current Maintainer Superstars

Tiffany & Roy Albrecht
Callie & Mike Appelstein
Meg Bamford
Ira Brabham
Kimberly & Edward Buchholz
Julie Schwab Charles
Mary Cognata
Janice DePlanty
Margaret Dorf
Tal & Karen Fisk
Yvette Fobian
Stacey Friedel
Megan & Jeremy Gibson
Regan & Richard Harkins
Martha Holland
Roger & Debbie Hunt
Robert Jones
Greg & Becky Kellerman
Heather Kemper
Brendan & Cynthia Lucey
James & Liz McCane
Monica McDaniel
Karen Messenger
Rosemary Quigley
Beth & David Rose
Alisa & Ken Simpson
Nancy Snow & Dan Glazier
Katie & Chris Stalter
Cathy Steele
Karen & Mark Teitelbaum
Katherine Walker
David & Melissa Wallace
Thomas Welge & Family
Judy & Jerry Zafft

Become a Miriam Maintainer TODAY! Your first gift will be processed upon completion of the enrollment form below. Then, beginning next month, your ongoing gift will be processed on the 5th of each month to the method of payment provided. You may change the gift amount or cancel at any time by contacting us at