Donate to Miriam’s Annual Fund

Miriam’s Annual Fund supports all of the programs and students of Miriam School, Miriam Academy and Miriam Learning Center. Your annual gift helps ensure that every child has the opportunity to overcome their learning differences and reach his or her full potential.

YOU have the power to make this magic happen!




A gift to the Annual Fund supports:

  • The variable tuition program, making Miriam accessible to all students, regardless of financial need
  • Small class sizes and personalized curriculum
  • Recruitment and retention of Miriam’s specialized faculty
  • Innovative technology to meet the learning needs of each student
  • Student and family activities, providing crucial socialization opportunities
  • Outreach programs throughout the St. Louis area, helping students within their traditional learning environment
  • Training seminars for parents and educators to help them meet the needs of their students with learning disabilities