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Glass half full or half empty

As I navigate life and work,  I have come to appreciate that a person’s perspective is their reality. For our Miriam children, coaching them to see beyond their “personal reality” takes considerable practice at each developmental phase they grow through. 

Getting Up and Out

There aren’t enough hours in the day. I think that one of the hardest daily challenges as a parent is getting your children up and out the door every day.

Quote: "If we believe in ourselves, we can never be defeated."

“If I believe in myself, I can never be defeated.” When I was a junior in high school, my lacrosse coach made us chant this mantra as we put our sticks together before and after a game.

An Inside Look at Teaching Unique Learners

Donna Higgins, M.Ed, is a special educator at Miriam’s high school. Here, she shares why she chose this career path, as well as her thoughts on the field of special education for unique learners.