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Integrated Therapies

The Miriam School Occupational Therapy Program is a unique and essential component of the school curriculum. Our occupational therapists provide services to students in fine and gross motor skills improvement and in sensory integration. These services are integrated into the educational program through small and large group environments.

In addition to running a daily sensory diet and providing evaluations and goals for students’ individualized plans, our licensed Occupational Therapists and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants provide instruction in physical education and endurance work. Motor skills therapy and sensory integration take place both in large group sensory diet times in a centralized therapy room, together with peers during classroom time, and in small groups throughout a child’s day.

The goal of the occupational therapy program is to improve students’ motor skills and better integrate their sensory systems, so that they may be successful in both educational and social settings.

A young boy climbs a rope in the occupational therapy room of Miriam's Lower/Middle school.

Speech & Language Therapy

Communication skills are central to a student’s educational experience and academic success. 

The speech/language therapy program at Miriam School plays an integral role in the daily learning experiences of the students it serves.

State-licensed ASHA-certified speech/language pathologists work with students identified with speech/language disorders. Each student’s strengths and needs are identified, and an individualized treatment plan is developed as part of the ILP process. Therapy services are provided to individuals and small groups, as well as through classroom-based programs and consultation services. In keeping with the team approach, the speech/language pathologists work closely with the classroom teachers to facilitate the use of effective communication skills throughout the student’s day.

The goal of the speech/language therapy program at Miriam School is to improve students’ communication skills so they may be successful throughout their school day and in social experiences outside of school.