The Learning Center’s certified, special education teachers provide individual tutoring to improve reading, math, and/or written expression skills for children who learn in non-traditional ways. The Learning Center’s teachers understand the special educational needs of children with ADHD, high functioning Autism, and/or a learning disability.

Research-based programs such as SPIRE, TouchMath, Step Up To Writing, and other multi-sensory approaches are used to help students improve academics areas in which they are struggling.

Tutoring is provided within a child’s school, in their home, at libraries, or at the Center.  After school and evening appointments are available to work around the child and family’s busy schedule. No contract is needed.  The length and frequency of each session is based upon each student’s individual needs.  Enrollment and discharge are open ended.  Tutoring is available year-round.

Homework help can also be provided in a group or individual setting.  This is perfect for children who do have difficulty getting homework completed.

When parents need someone to help with Individual Education Plans (IEPs), 504 plans, and other types of school accommodations, the Learning Center’s school psychologists/examiners can provide Educational Consultation.  These professionals help parents learn advocacy skills and how to navigate the public or private school system.  They can accompany parents to school meetings to ensure each child receives appropriate support services.  It’s always reassuring to have experienced staff helping your child get on the right educational path.