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Empowering Unique Learners

Services for Students

Miriam Learning Center helps students excel through comprehensive, research-based interventions customized to each unique student.


Miriam Learning Center focuses on helping children be successful in their current educational placement. We work in partnership with parents and school personnel to make sure we address the most important areas for learning.  Each child is unique and therefore, we tailor interventions to the individual needs of each child. Because we offer a wide variety of private evaluations and academic and therapeutic services for students, we are able to customize programming for each student based upon their unique situation. We offer services at the student’s school, area libraries, or at Miriam Learning Center. Daytime, after school and early evening hours are available by appointment. All services are private pay. Limited financial aid is available for testing and summer camp. Call us at 314-961-1500 to learn more.

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Our Student Services

Miriam Learning Center offers a wide variety of support services that addresses the unique academic, social and emotional learning needs of each child. Getting treatment is easy. Children can receive multiple interventions at one convenient location and treatment goals are coordinated among therapists and tutors. Because Miriam offers comprehensive services, parents can pick which interventions are most important and how many weekly visits fit into their busy schedule and budget.

Students at Miriam

Discover the Difference at Miriam Learning Center

At Miriam Learning Center, we believe that every learner deserves the opportunity to succeed. Our comprehensive services, experienced educators, and individualized approach set us apart as leaders in holistic learning support. To register for Miriam Learning Center services, call us at 314-961-1500, or fill out the form linked below. Your child's educational journey begins here!

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MLC Parent Testimonial 1

We absolutely loved our experience with Miriam School and Learning Center. My child had such a great bonding relationship with his therapist.

Miriam Learning Center Parent

MLC Parent Testimonial 2

I cannot say anything but positive comments about the staff at Miriam. I was supported in every way – from filling out forms, to knowing my child was totally cared for and respected for who he was. 

Miriam Learning Center Parent

MLC Parent Testimonial 4

We are so grateful for Miriam’s partnership with our children’s school and for the service they provide. 

Miriam Learning Center Parent

MLC Parent Testimonial 3

The process of getting my child diagnosed with ADHD and a learning disorder came up very late in the school year. When I learned of Miriam and called the Learning Center, the staff’s willingness to assist me in getting the testing done was amazing. I’m so thankful. 

Miriam Learning Center Parent

MLC Parent Testimonial 5

We have been thrilled with the OT our daughter has been receiving

Miriam Learning Center Parent

MLC Parent Testimonial 6

I am very happy with my child’s progress.

Miriam Learning Center Parent

MLC Partner School Testimonial 1

What you do for our kids is great! I have been very pleased with the counselors from Miriam. They are patient and kind with our students. The students look forward to time with their counselor. They have also been helpful to our staff in helping them understand how to best help the student.

Christian Academy of Greater St. Louis

MLC Partner School Testimonial 3

The quality of the evaluation report is excellent. The recommendations are helpful and individualized for each student.

Mary Queen of Peace School

MLC Partner School Testimonial 2

Having Miriam come in this year to provide the services they are offering has had a big impact on our little school. I am thankful to have them as a resource to our families and to our teachers.

Hope Mark Preschool

MLC Partner School Testimonial 4

Miriam’s special education teacher has been an amazing asset to both our learning support and middle school teams. She has helped shift our school culture toward inclusion. She supports students, not only with performance but also their confidence, and presents a growth mindset through every challenge.

Saul Mirowitz

MLC Partner School Testimonial 5

We love our Miriam staff. She builds strong relationships with our students. She has been flexible with time and space. The services have been timely and efficient.

Soulard Educational Center

MLC Partner School Testimonial 7

Miriam Learning Center is an incredible community resource. We at the College School value the partnership we have with Miriam. Miriam’s service providers have been phenomenal partners in ensuring the social and emotional well-being of our students.

The College School

MLC Partner School Testimonial 6

Miriam staff display such love and care for our students, and really made such a difference for our students and staff over the course of the year!

Southside Early Childhood Center

MLC Partner School Testimonial 9

We have seen a great change in our children's social emotional / mental health. Our parents very much enjoy and notice the progress made in their children.  Miriam has been a great asset to our program. The children that have been able to participate in the counseling services are able to practice proper self-regulation, feeling recognition and appropriating expression of those feelings.

YWCA Head Start/Early Head Start Program

MLC Partner School Testimonial 8

We are grateful for this partnership as it provides an additional layer of support for our students.

University City Children’s Center

Partnering for Success

We believe in the power of collaboration between educators, parents, and schools. Whether you're a parent seeking resources and guidance or a school looking to partner with us, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Resources for Parents

We focus on parental partnership, recognizing their key role alongside educators in children's learning.

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Student with Teacher

Support for Schools

Discover how we can enhance your school's support and empower students with tailored programs.

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Other Resources

Explore our array of resources and articles designed to broaden your understanding of unique learners.

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