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Miriam Learning Center provides services to students ages 2 to 18 who wish to remain in their current educational environment but need specialized in-school or after-school support services to meet their potential.

A boy at Miriam Learning Center's summer camp

Miriam Learning Center is a leading provider of special education services in the St. Louis area, catering to students with diverse learning needs. Annually, we support nearly 1600 children, offering tailored services that enable students to realize their potential and thrive within their current school environments. Whether students require in-school assistance or after-school support, Miriam Learning Center is dedicated to meeting their needs. Our programs cater to students aged 2 to 18, ensuring comprehensive support throughout their education.

Additionally, Miriam collaborates with over 100 local schools, providing them with access to our expert staff and resources. Through teacher training and consultation services, we assist schools in implementing best practices for serving students with special needs, fostering inclusive and supportive learning environments.

For Parents

When a child receives services at the Learning Center, parents receive training and updates at the end of each session to help with carryover of strategies.


For Schools

We contract with Partner Schools to place special education professionals in the schools to provide services for students with learning differences. 


Our Services

We offer a wide-variety of customized evaluations, services, and programming for each student based upon their symptoms


Camp instructor helps campers decorate shirts
A teenager proudly holds up a tie-dye shirt he created during summer camp.
Miriam tester demonstrates autism testing