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Miriam's Welcoming Environment

It’s a special feeling when you walk through the doors of either Miriam campus. It’s a feeling of warmth, understanding and comfort.

Miriam fully embraces each student, celebrating the unique gifts and strengths they bring to our community and to this world. Faculty and staff make it a point to know each child individually, understanding their personality, strengths and needs. Students themselves seem to instinctively understand that they all come to Miriam with their own challenges, and they quickly become comfortable among their peers. They learn to advocate for themselves and for one another, and they know Miriam is a safe place in which they can learn and grow. 

Welcoming Environment Testimonial 3

At Miriam, our child is just like everybody else. Everybody is treated as important and valuable people. And that, to me, is the foundation of Miriam.

Miriam Parent

Welcoming Environment Testimonial 2

We knew Miriam was the right place for [our daughter] right away. She immediately connected with the other students, and was warmly welcomed by the teachers and staff. 

Miriam Parent

Welcoming Environment Testimonial 1


I have never seen a group of professionals remain so steadfast, calm and loving to children who can be hard to like sometimes. No matter what kind of day my son might be having, he knows that when he returns the next day, it is a chance for a brand new start.

Miriam Parent

Our DEIB Philosophy 

Miriam School and Learning Center is committed to creating equity and a sense of belonging for all of our students, their families, our employees, and everyone who is a part of the Miriam community. Read more about our work surrounding Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging