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Transition Services

Miriam’s programming is designed to provide transition services to every K-12 student, with the goal of preparing them academically and socially for life outside of Miriam-whether that is after a few years in the lower school or after graduating from high school. We are here for as long as a student needs us, and these services help ensure a student has what they need when they leave.

At the high school, transition preparation begins freshman year. Administrators and staff work with each student individually, along with their parents, to determine their interests, needs and dreams. Some students plan for two-year or four-year college experiences, while others explore job training, internships and life skills preparation. Miriam High School’s unique programming is designed to support all of these learners and set students up for success. Programs such as Experiential Learning {link to Experiential Learning Program page}, dual enrollment, and Next Steps Fairs, where students and families talk with representatives from colleges and programs, help ensure Miriam graduates are well on their way to the next step of their journey. 

An 8th grade student poses with his family at Miriam's 8th Grade graduation ceremony.

Lower/Middle School Transition Services

Explore Transition services for k-8 students