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Transition Back to School: A Metamorphosis
Meg Bamford | Head of Miriam School and Learning Center

As a Head of Miriam School and Learning Center, there are few joys greater in life than the first day of school. The summer weeks of planning, anticipating student and staff needs, facilities preparation, and admissions work all come to fruition as the cars roll up, and students begin to enter the building. Some students throw open the door and run into school forgetting to say goodbye. Others slowly ease out of the back seat and tiptoe towards the school. Every single child (and adult) has hope and excitement for the new school year. It’s a new year filled with the promise of new beginnings.

In talking with students, some readily admitted, “I had nervous butterflies in my tummy.” I told them that most of us get those butterflies. The butterflies are a sign that we are excited for new friends, lots of learning, growing and a fun school year.

Sometimes that transition back from summer vacation and the expectation of a new year can be overwhelming and exhausting. Typically cheerful students can often become grumpy, have meltdowns, or be incredibly tired in the mornings as parents try to pry them from their beds the first few weeks of school. We tried to create a school calendar that allows children to gradually build their endurance to resume building their brains.

At Miriam, we work hard to engage students all day and every day. Before you become overly concerned, remember how much energy it takes for our children to be focused, meet new people, learn a new schedule, master the school layout and follow new classroom routines. Once your student masters all these elements and feels comfortable with their new classmates, that exhaustion will fade away. Contact your child’s teacher if things don’t get easier on the home front.

Also, consider the following for your children:

  • Try not to schedule too much after school for the first few weeks of school so they can rest.
    Hydrotherapy is good for a tired body! A nice long bath or swim in the pool, and book and early bedtime helps them to be ready for the next day.
  • Ensure they are eating their snack and lunch during the day.
    Make sure your student has a water bottle and remind them to stay hydrated during the day.
  • If they are overwhelmed, write out their schedule from waking up until bedtime so they can mentally rehearse their day.
  • A cheerful note in their lunchbox is a secret way for them to know you are thinking about them and that you know they will have a great day.

We are so excited for the 2023-2024 School Year. Together, we will work to turn nervous butterflies into joyful journeys of growth. Children only have one childhood, and Miriam feels privileged to work with each and every one of our students.

Best wishes for a rejuvenating weekend!

Meg Bamford
Head of Miriam School and Learning Center

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