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Empowering Unique Learners
Students make connections and plan for post-graduation
Katie Stalter


At Miriam High School, planning for our students’ future is an integral part of their learning plans. Students will leave Miriam with a deep understanding of their strengths, challenges…and where they are headed next.

A Speaker for Transition Services at Miriam High School

They will also have a portfolio of life skills, community service, internships, and relationships with colleges and organizations who will help them along their path. 

“We need to help them think about their next steps, beyond high school, and the different programs and supports available to help them find success,” said Vicki Thurman, principal of Miriam High School. “We expose them to different careers and colleges or other programs that they aren’t aware of, but that can help them reach their goals.”

Quarterly throughout the academic year, the high school provides a College and Career Day for students, sometimes bringing representatives of colleges and organizations into the school, and other times taking students out into the community to learn about career opportunities onsite. 

“The kids really enjoy these days,” Thurman said. “They find them really applicable to who they are. After one of these days earlier in the year, we had students apply for jobs and receive offers. It helps them make connections.”
Multiple representatives of St. Louis Community College attended a recent Miriam College and Career Day. Willie Ash, STLCC coordinator of recruitment and outreach, said they truly believe everyone deserves an opportunity to attend college, if they are interested.

“Our campus is a big community,” Ash said. “We want all kinds of learners in our community.”
JR Johnson, assistant director of transition services at St. Louis Arc, said he met students during the recent event who he believes would be a good fit for their programs. “I can see our programs overlapping, and I think we would be a great fit for some of Miriam’s students.”

A Speaker with students for Miriam Transition Services

These days are part of a larger transition plan, Thurman said. Administrators engage in regular conversations with students and their families about post-secondary plans. 

“We’re tying it in as a part of their learning plan process, so we can make sure we’re on the same page – and have a place for students to go after they graduate,” Thurman said.

Miriam High School administrators are continuing to develop partnerships with other organizations, so they can ensure they are able to present a variety of opportunities to students each year.

Miriam’s Next Steps Fair will take place on Friday, April 19. Students and parents will have the opportunity to visit with representatives of several colleges and career/transition programs to gain ideas and make connections. 

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