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Empowering Unique Learners
More Thoughts on the State of Miriam
Meg Bamford | Head of Miriam School and Learning Center

Perhaps the African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” can feel overused. However, for Miriam’s children, I can think of no phrase that is closer to our reality. Not only do we embrace and honor each child and see them through the lens of their strengths, but we band together to help them overcome their challenges and provide them with the specialized instruction, strategies and tools they need to be independent, well, and happy in their lives beyond Miriam. 

This also happens as an organization. Many of the components of the 2020-2024 strategic plan sought not only to continue to provide high quality special education and services, but it also focused on creating tighter, stronger ties to strengthen and unify our “village.” Our mission is to empower unique learners by giving them confidence and a foundation for success. We stayed on target and achieved goals by using our core values and their underlying competencies to make organizational decisions, evaluate our programing.  The values embedded in our culture are: Learners First, Working in Partnership, Striving for Excellence, and Respect for All. Each of these core values has competencies associated with them. We use these values to continually evaluate everything we do here at Miriam from budgeting, to programming, to student and family centered decisions, to staff evaluations etc. 

As you may know, Miriam has 3 locations and facets; our K-12 school, our Learning Center Outreach Program and our Switching Post. Each one of these parts of Miriam contributes to the idea that we are an educational hub that seeks to help as many children with special educational needs as possible. Miriam has worked on clear messaging of who we are, and who we serve. We have worked on the “what we do” and “how” we achieve those goals. We have sought to overcome identity issues and unity issues by working to instill common language, approaches, and expectations throughout all parts of our organization. Furthermore, we are streamlining communications like this newsletter so each part of the Miriam community can see how their hard work helps others and the resources available. I hope you have noticed improvements in our presence on social media. Miriam no longer wants to be the “best kept secret in St. Louis.” The success of our hard work is indicated by the 1700 children we served just last year alone. We now employ over 210 people! 

There are so many accomplishments to report. My hope is that small updates like these help to solidify your support for Miriam. We are devoted to helping as many students as we can to optimize their potential. Thank you for being a part of this momentum of progress.

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How do we help our kids gain confidence in trying something new? I think it is shifting from celebrating the final product, whether it is an art project or a final grade, to celebrating the steps it took for your child to get to the end of the process.

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