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Have an IEP? MOScholars could help pay for private school
Katie Stalter

MOScholars, Missouri’s K-12 scholarship program, opened for the 2024-25 academic year on February 1. Last year, funds were depleted very quickly, and they do prioritize previous MOScholars recipients.

The State of Missouri launched the program on July 1, 2022, to provide financial support to qualifying families to offset educational expenses ranging from private schools to therapeutic services.

Students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Individual Service Plan (ISP) who attend a private school are eligible for the scholarship, as long as they live in a Missouri county with at least 30,000 residents. Scholarships are $6,375 each. Please note that the student’s IEP or ISP must be dated within the past 36 months. 

Nonprofit Educational Assistance Organizations (EAOs) award the scholarships, and recipients must apply to them directly. A list of EAOs can be found here: Those interested in applying may review the Parent Handbook and reach out to EAOs to learn more about their individual requirements. 

In addition to tuition, scholarships may be used for:

  • Textbooks required by a qualified school
  • Educational therapies or services from a licensed or accredited practitioner or provider including, but not limited to, licensed or accredited paraprofessionals or educational aides
  • Tutoring services
  • Curriculum
  • Fees for a nationally standardized norm-referenced achievement test, advanced placement examinations, international baccalaureate examinations, or any examinations related to college or university admission
  • Account Transaction fees
  • Services provided by a public school including, but not limited to, individual classes and extracurricular programs
  • Computer hardware or other technological devices that are used to help meet the qualified student’s educational needs and that are approved by an educational assistance organization
  • Fees for summer education programs and specialized after-school education programs
  • Transportation costs for mileage to and from a qualified school
Miriam School and Learning Center Selected for National Television Feature

Miriam School and Learning Center is proud to announce its selection to be featured on the esteemed public television show, "Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid." This exciting opportunity showcases Miriam as national experts in working with school-age children with autism, highlighting best practices for schools serving children on the autism spectrum

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Take a Twirl

How do we help our kids gain confidence in trying something new? I think it is shifting from celebrating the final product, whether it is an art project or a final grade, to celebrating the steps it took for your child to get to the end of the process.

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