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Mission and Philosophy

We believe in kids.

Miriam School and Learning Center empowers unique learners by building confidence and a foundation for success.

Miriam is the premier educational hub for children with learning differences in the St. Louis area. We empower unique learners by building confidence and a foundation for success at our K-12 school, as well as through our outreach programs. Miriam takes students and their families on a journey to see how their differences can actually be gifts. Our students’ challenges often include specific learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, speech/language disorders, anxiety and sensory processing differences.


Learners First

We believe our student-centered approach defines who we are and must be at the center of our organizational planning and decision making.

Working in Partnership

We believe that collaboration, open communication and a culture of trust are essential to a healthy and successful organization.

Commitment to Excellence 

We believe in achieving highest professional standards through reflection and continuous improvement.


Respect for All

We believe in a culture that embraces diversity so that our entire community is valued, heard and understood.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Miriam School and Learning Center is committed to creating equity and a sense of belonging for all of our students, their families, our employees, and everyone who is a part of the Miriam community. 


Strategic Plan

Miriam School and Learning Center recently celebrated the accomplishments of our 2020-2024 strategic plan. Despite the challenges of a global pandemic, Miriam continues to shine as an educational expert who provides exceptional special education, evaluations, therapies, and resources for children with learning and thinking challenges in our K-12 school, and through our outstanding Outreach Program. Last year alone Miriam served over 1,700 children in 82 zip codes. The below presentation serves as a mechanism to highlight many of the accomplishments of Miriam over the last four years. 

Download our Strategic Plan

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