My Miriam Story-Rianna

Having my son at Miriam, walking the same halls and experiencing the same love and support that I received as a child, is so special. I’m just ecstatic that Tristan is able to go there.

I started at Miriam in third grade, after being diagnosed with multiple learning disabilities. I had many opportunities at Miriam I wouldn’t have had at other schools. The unique ways they offered for me to learn really helped me.

After some time at Miriam, I had accepted my challenges and felt comfortable with myself. I was confident enough to ask for help, and I knew what I needed to ask for. I now see that same thing happening with Tristan. He realizes what he needs to be successful, and he’s comfortable enough to ask for it.

The small classes and the general understanding the teachers have of the students – they get that it’s just who we are, that we’re not trying to do the wrong thing – make all the difference in the world.

Tristan has ADHD. At Miriam, they understand he sometimes is just unable to sit still. Rather than giving him consequences or forcing him to sit, his teachers suggest that he run a lap through the halls, bounce on a mini trampoline or visit the occupational therapy room. There are so many more options for him.

I also see Tristan making great friends at Miriam, which was hard for him in kindergarten at the public school. I had the same experience. All of the students were so accepting, and it was easy to make friends. I’m still good friends with some of my Miriam classmates.

I’m also still in touch with a few of the faculty and staff – especially Ms. C. She was my teacher for two years, and we had a very special connection. She was my mentor, my guru, my second mother. She still is, actually. She went through a lot with me, both at school and personally, and I still go to her for support.

It was scary to leave Miriam. I knew things would be different. I went to a public high school and even though I did well, they just didn’t know how to support me in the right ways. Not much was expected of me, and because of that, I really didn’t learn everything I could have in those four years.

“Miriam school saved Rianna’s life. She has been successful in every school setting she has been in because Miriam showed her she could learn.” – Nancy Snow, Rianna’s mother and Tristan’s grandmother

I did go on to get a certificate in cosmetology and an associate’s degree in construction and carpentry. I know these were possible because of Miriam. At Miriam, I learned how to be successful in an educational setting.

Miriam changed my life, and I am so thankful my son is receiving the same support.

-Submitted by By Rianna Glazier-Snow, Miriam Alum and Parent of Miriam School Student