Through Maria’s early childhood and elementary years, she always had many friends and was a very fun-loving girl.  She’s always been more on the quiet side, in fact her teachers questioned her ability to speak—“ is English her second language?”  As the years passed, we noticed more and more her struggles with focus, attention, fears, and learning delays.  As we searched for answers and had her tested, her social skills were worsening.

When she started high school, it became a complete struggle.  Refusal to attend school became an everyday problem.  “There’s got to be a better way for her,” we thought.  Searching on line and talking with family and friends, we came across the Miriam School.

Her diagnosis was extreme social anxiety.  Miriam was so helpful and definitely caught our attention.  We toured the school and were informed that a new high school would be started in the new school year!  What a wonderful God-send!  A perfect match— to start her with a new beginning—a new school—a school that can meet her needs!

She was very comfortable knowing she could be in a small classroom setting.  She found comfort in the teachers who were all experts and were hand-chosen for this special place!  Gradually Maria found herself building her confidence, and she found her own individuality.  There was no competing with other students.  She became comfortable making friends, in fact, she started becoming strong with staying true to herself and the friends around her.  She stood up for other individuals in her classroom and became a leader.

Maria best expresses herself through music and has matured into a beautiful creative individual.  We are all so proud of her and she is proud to say that she is part of the inaugural class of Miriam Academy!

–a huge thanks from the Inman Family,

-Submitted by Kathy, Mark and Maria Inman