Our Miriam story is about finding the right place at the right time. Miriam School was that special place where my daughter Beth felt welcome right away and found the perfect fit to grow academically and socially. Now a senior in high school, we know that Miriam gave her the foundation to be successful as she prepares to graduate this year and move on to college.

The story begins when Beth was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD in first grade while attending a public school. Her father and I learned as much as we could about learning disabilities and decided that a smaller school dedicated to students with learning differences would work best for Beth.

She attended another school for the next four years, but she just wasn’t happy socially. When the time came to have her diagnosis renewed, it was disappointing to see that she had not progressed
to the extent we and her doctor expected. Her doctor then recommended Miriam School and she entered in sixth grade.

I could see almost immediately that she was happier at Miriam. Beth was getting a lot more personal attention and had much closer relationships with the teachers. Beth really thrived in Miriam’s learning environment, plus she had more friends and even participated in student council.

Beth is a child whose disabilities are not as significant as some others. That was one of the great things about Miriam – they can give that amazing individual experience to children with many levels of need. Being at Miriam really gave Beth a complete comfort of being with people of all different abilities. She learned acceptance of others which will serve her throughout her life.

After attending Miriam for three years, Beth was able to enter high school and fully participate in all classes with no special accommodations. She currently is a senior at Grand Center Arts Academy with a 3.9 GPA and is 6th in her class.

I honestly believe that without the social and academic skills Beth received at Miriam, she would not be doing as well as she is today. Beth learned organization and study habits at Miriam, plus she learned how to advocate for herself when needed with teachers and others. She really learned how
her challenges affect her and what to do to make her own accommodations.

Beth loved how the teachers at Miriam really got to know and understand her. She also developed a love of both science and theater at Miriam. Some of her favorite memories include the science experiments and also the organic garden.

Beth is now applying to a variety of universities and is already accepted into a number of programs. She is excited about her future and this would not have been possible without the unbelievable education foundation given to her by Miriam and its incredible teachers and staff.

–Submitted by Julie Stapf, Miriam School alumni parent