I can’t say enough how the Miriam School changed our family. We would not be where we are today physically, emotionally and mentally without this special place.

Our journey began when Owen was born almost 13 years ago and was a mystery from the moment he took his first breath. We were living in the suburbs near New York City with access to the best hospitals, schools and experts in the world. Yet none of them had any answers for us. Years of doctors and therapy appointments led us to a diagnosis of high functioning autism and epilepsy. The diagnoses did not change anything – it was just a label.

When Owen was about to start kindergarten, we left New York and came to St. Louis for a job opportunity. He entered public school and made it about ten days. Thankfully we heard about Miriam School from a friend and immediately enrolled him at the Learning Center and applied to the school. Owen was accepted and finally became the child we knew was inside him.

At Miriam, Owen was happy, loved and getting exactly what he needed emotionally, physically and academically. This calmness spread to our entire family, and we were able to do things that we had never done before.

In October 2014, we had to move to Pennsylvania for my husband’s job. We felt Owen was ready as he was now in third grade and had exceeded all of our expectations. Prior to our move, we contacted seven private schools that educated children with learning differences in hopes one would work for Owen.

Once we got to Pennsylvania, Owen did his school visits but needless to say, none of these schools were like Miriam School. They did not have the warm, loving and accepting environment that you feel at Miriam when you walk in the front door. We spent the next two and a half years searching for the Miriam of Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Owen went to three schools in those two and a half years and we moved again within Pennsylvania to be closer to a school we thought would be a good fit. This school was state of the art for children in K-12 grades with learning differences. We sold our house and made the move again for Owen.

Within the first week, we knew he was unhappy again and had made a mistake. I began secretly working on an escape plan to get back to St. Louis for Owen to come back to Miriam. This would be our ninth move if we could make it happen. The stars aligned and in the spring of 2017, we were hopeful that a move back to St. Louis for the Miriam School would become a reality.

My husband was able to get a job based in Indianapolis and they agreed that we could live in St. Louis for Owen. We did the research and showed them there was no school for Owen in Indianapolis that was like Miriam School. Owen started back at Miriam in June 2017 at summer camp and now our Owen was BACK!

Wow, what a difference to see this transformation of our Owen that had been missing for two and a half years. Thank you to the Miriam team for welcoming Owen and our family back “home”!

-Submitted by Margaret Dorf