I have spent the summer working in the Miriam School gym, looking out the window at the new middle school building and renovation project taking shape. Seeing the old being revitalized, while observing the new being built on what has come before is a wonderful metaphor for our new chapter as I become Head of School.

As I look to this new future, I naturally think about how far Miriam School and I have both come in the 19 years since I first walked through the doors of Room 7 to begin my career here teaching 4th, 5th and 6th grades. During the 11 years I was in the classroom, we created a strong program integrating social skills and rigorous academics and we opened the middle school where I was asked, along with Dr. Kathie Pontikes, to teach the first 8th grade class.

In 2010, I transitioned to Associate Head of School and during the next eight years, we added a gymnasium which enabled us to enhance our arts, OT, and social skills programming, as well as a playground that gives students another sensory outlet during the school day. We also implemented
a 21st century learning approach across all subject areas, including an emphasis on project based learning for science and social studies.

We added a teaching kitchen and a community garden, both of which afford students opportunities to gain and use a variety of skills to reach out into the wider community as they plan, grow, sell, and donate produce as well as create dishes for others.

A generous donor enabled us to implement a one-to-one iPad program and
then, as now, we have continued to research, pilot and implement innovative
curriculum, as well as train future teachers and therapists as we collaborate with
local universities.

All of these initiatives have helped to secure our standing as leaders in the field of educating children who learn differently. Now, we stand ready to grow an even stronger program all while we keep the best of the past—namely a culture of collaboration, caring and respect alongside the families we serve.

As I begin this new era in my tenure as Head of School, I find myself with many thoughts looking out
the window to the future. One thought stands above all — gratitude. I am grateful to the board and executive leadership who have given me this opportunity to guide a program that for 62 years has changed the lives of so many children and families and led them to a better future.

I am grateful to the families who believe so passionately in the work we do here and who work alongside us to help their children achieve success. I am grateful to the faculty and staff who work with every child as if he or she were their own. They faithfully strive to deliver the finest, most comprehensive program possible to every child, every day.

Most of all, I am grateful to our children who come to school and work to be the best they can be. I am always amazed by their bravery, dedication and hard work every day. Who among us shows up and does hard things day after day, never giving up, always willing to try again, for as long as it takes to be successful? These are our children.

I look forward to working with all those who believe so deeply in Miriam School and the work we do here — board, executive leadership, families, faculty and staff — to ensure that the view out the window is always one of a community that is building for the strongest, brightest future possible for children who learn differently.

-Submitted by Mary Cognata