When our seven-year old son Nathaniel came home on the first day of Miriam’s summer camp program, he told me that he was learning how to make and be a friend. This was the first time he had ever verbalized what he had learned in a day. What a huge accomplishment for him!

Nathaniel is a bright, happy, sweet child who also struggles with emotional regulation, visual processing, language and word retrieval and working memory deficits.  We decided to get him extra support and found Miriam through our occupational therapist. Nathaniel started with Miriam Learning Center last summer when we hired a language therapist and an academic tutor to come to his previous summer school.  By the time school started, he had progressed through many of his IEP goals for reading and was already communicating more clearly and frequently, so we continued to have Miriam’s tutors come during the school year.

Miriam worked with Nathaniel throughout kindergarten at his public school and helped him with academics and speech/language. He has really thrived with the one-on-one attention and we have seen so much progress, especially in the areas of his reading and speech.

Now at Miriam’s summer camp, Nathaniel is really enjoying the Harry Potter theme. As part of the Confident Kid’s Social Skills class, Nathaniel is learning about sharing, taking turns and kindness through lots of fun activities.  When he brought home a chocolate frog he made, he had the biggest smile on his face.  He has been really excited to show off his work, which is somewhat unusual for him. It is clear that he really enjoys being at Miriam. He recently told us that Miriam’s summer camp is his favorite place so far!

Miriam’s small class settings are great for Nathaniel. The teachers understand him and if he has a meltdown, he is learning a life lesson about how to handle his feelings, rather than just being sent aside until he’s ready to rejoin the group.

We have consistently seen identifiable progress in our son when Miriam has been involved at both camp or school.  Miriam’s teachers and staff have provided Nathaniel with new tools and skills to better handle many of the challenges he faces. At Miriam, he has a safe place to practice these skills and build more confidence.

Miriam and all their staff truly care for their students and children. They provide a safe and nurturing environment as well as the knowledge and skills to assist children to achieve, be successful and show their true potential.

-Submitted by Karen Myrick