Enrolling my great nephew, Damiano, at Miriam School was the best decision we could have ever made. Today he is an outstanding 19-year-old young adult who loves golf, robotics and volunteering and will soon graduate from high school. We owe a huge part of his success to the wonderful experience he had at Miriam School. He attended Miriam during his junior high years in 6-8th grades, which is often the hardest time for kids who are different. The support and community we found at Miriam simply cannot be found anywhere else!

Since he was young, Damiano struggled with ADHD, anxiety and learning challenges. He attended public school in elementary years and did well with an IEP, but when it was time for middle school, we had to find the right learning environment.

Being in healthcare for many years, I had heard so many good things about Miriam School.  I work with psychiatrists and we understand that a learning disability is no different than any other illness. Miriam helps students feel accepted without being made to feel different. It was the perfect fit for my great nephew.

Everything worked for Damiano at Miriam School! His friends loved him for who he was and are still his best friends today. Though there were some things that were different about him, the teachers and staff at Miriam knew just how to work with him.  They know how to make students feel happy, secure and smart. Plus, the kids are taught so much more than academics. Damiano’s social skills and self-confidence grew stronger every day he was there.

Now at St. Mary’s High School, Damiano was chosen as senior of the month due to his constant volunteer work with the homeless and for giving back.  Next year, he plans to go to a local community college and we know that with the tools Miriam gave he him he will be successful. Damiano believes in himself, works hard and doesn’t give up. Miriam also taught him about expectations and helped him learn how to be a friend to others. These lessons will last him a lifetime.

Miriam made the difference for Damiano and for our entire family. I want the community and other parents to know that for any student who learns differently, they can be the brightest shining star and Miriam School is the place where it can happen.

Submitted by Mary Nardoni