My 12 year-old son, Cody, is a fun-loving, adventurous,  hard-working kid who has had to learn to never give up.

Cody has dyslexia. The school he attended for kindergarten through third grade tried hard to help him, but the large class sizes and lack of understanding of learning disabilities was very frustrating to him as well as his father and me.  The biggest challenge Cody faced before he started at Miriam was being Codymisunderstood and feeling “stupid.”

At Miriam he experienced success for the first time in the school setting and realized that he was smart and capable of learning. His self-confidence slowly began to build.

Our older son even noticed and said,
“Wow, Miriam taught Cody to read in five weeks, while his old school couldn’t do that in five years.”

I was worried about Cody missing his friends from his old school but he quickly made friends at Miriam and truly never had a bad day.  Every morning he would wake up excited to go to school — often rushing me and telling me he wanted to get there early.

Miriam didn’t change or fix him, it helped him accept and embrace himself for who he is.

Our years at Miriam were a huge relief and almost like a vacation for Cody’s father and me. Every single staff person at Miriam gets it and I never once had to explain him.  Miriam is a safe place and you feel that as soon as you enter the building.

Cody is the one who told us he felt ready to return to public school this school year.  I was worried that he would get lost in the large classes and lose the confidence he gained at Miriam, but he is adjusting to middle school just fine.

-Molly Szweda, Alumni Parent