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A student smiles on the playground of Miriam Lower/Middle School.

We believe in kids

About Us

Miriam is the premier educational hub for children with learning differences in the St. Louis area. We empower unique learners by building confidence and a foundation for success at our K-12 school, as well as through our outreach programs. Our students’ challenges often include specific learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, speech/language disorders, anxiety and sensory processing differences.

Why Miriam?

Because not all great minds think alike. We meet students where they are, taking a strengths-based approach to a truly individualized education.

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When my son was little, Christmas was a hard time of year for him. The expectations of the holidays, the over stimulation, change of routine, location, and diet made things challenging. There were multiple years that it felt like he lost out on the Christmas joy because he was on sensory overload. Nothing seemed to go well. He fell apart, my husband and I would have whispered fights about what to do while family members would try to help by inserting themselves in the situation or by staying away. I can still feel hot tears sliding down my face as I fought with my own emotions while trying to help my child feel better, on what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of the year. 

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Years ago, I found a second hand Barbie Dreamhouse for my two girls. It was an expensive one complete with furniture and a working elevator. I even found a car for the Barbie carport and a swimming pool. It truly was a Barbie paradise! I was so excited for them to unwrap what I believed to be the best present ever for a 4 ½ and 6 year old girl. 

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A one-size education may not fit all; that’s where Miriam School and Learning Center can help

Not every child is built to sit for hours inside a classroom and be taught in a way that may not work for them. At the Miriam School and Learning Center, children can see what kind of learners they are and fall in love with the school. They get small class sizes, a personalized curriculum, special educators, and a welcoming environment.

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Five Miriam middle school students stand smiling by a railing.
Testimonial 3

Miriam has not been just a game changer, but a life changer.

Miriam Parent

Testimonial 2

We knew Miriam was the right place for our daughter right away. She immediately connected with the other students, and was warmly welcomed by the teachers and staff.  It was clear this was the high school for her.

Miriam Parent

Testimonial 1

We are finally in an environment where the staff ‘gets it.’ They understand that every child is a unique learner, and they work hard to cater to the needs of each child with individualized learning plans.

Miriam Parent