“Learning to Succeed”-A $9 Million Campaign to Support Miriam


Improving and Expanding Educational Opportunities for Students with Learning Disabilities

Through the “Learning to Succeed” campaign:

  • We opened Miriam Academy, a private, non-sectarian high school for students with learning disabilities.

  • We have begun construction on the addition of a new middle school wing at Miriam School to better accommodate the physical, social, and academic needs of our middle school students. The existing space will also be renovated to better serve all of our students.

Miriam needs to raise $9 million to fund the “Learning to Succeed” campaign.

Startup of Miriam Academy $2,000,000
Academy Tuition Assistance Endowment $3,000,000
Miriam School Addition & Renovation $4,000,000
Total Project Cost $9,000,000

Miriam Academy

Startup Costs & Tuition Assistance Endowment

Miriam Academy opened with its inaugural 9th grade class in August 2016. The Academy’s mission is to educate high school students with multi-faceted learning disabilities in an environment designed to help them excel using knowledge, character, and problem-solving skills.

Our leadership team is deeply committed to designing a personalized educational experience for each student that includes curriculum modifications to accommodate varied learning styles and individual abilities.

Ensuring that our services are financially accessible to all who need them has always been a priority for Miriam. Fundraising for the Academy includes a $3,000,000 endowment component that will generate approximately $150,000 in annual need-based tuition assistance for our high school students. This endowment will make Miriam Academy sustainable for the future.

Miriam School

Middle School Addition & Updated Facilities

Now in its 60th year of educating children with learning disabilities, Miriam School has witnessed steadily increasing enrollment in its middle school program over the past 13 years. The current facilities are proving inadequate to properly support these students.

The new middle school wing will add larger teaching spaces, lockers, and hallways that will physically accommodate middle schoolers and provide them with an environment that will facilitate their academic and social transition to high school.

Building the new wing will also enable Miriam to renovate and re-purpose several existing areas to better meet the needs of all ages at the School.

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